I’ve been doing some professional reading lately. Finnish Lessons from Pasi Sahlberg and Towards a Global Fourth Way by Andy Hargreaves and Dennis Shirley. I’m finding more and more that my philosophy and the agenda pushed by the system are in complete contradiction. 

Today my frustration has been with the new National Curriculum. A curriculum that appears to be incredibly prescriptive and limiting for teachers who value skill development and deep learning. Instead, teachers are directed to teach (aka cover) a huge content. The history and science sections are incredibly detailed and content heavy. As a teacher who values breadth and depth to lead to deep learning, I am concerned that this new curriculum is taking us a big step backward. Schools are adjusting their curriculum to tick off a swag of content rather than personalising learner for the needs and interests of their student. Missing is any degree of trust in teacher’s professional judgement and skill – a key ingredient in most high performing education systems. Instead, Australia is borrowing the corporate, standardized model of education from the US and UK, who have consistently fallen behind in student performance. It makes e despair for the kids in out classes and the teachers leading them. We have to step away from this micromanagement and control. Our students need us to stand up for them.